Lucky Leaf Forced To Remain Closed

Today a judge issues a preliminary injunction forcing the Lucky Leaf marijuana shop in Pasco to close down until this entire case is heard.

Last week a temporary restraining order was placed on the business until the hearing today.

Now the only recreational marijuana shop in Pasco is closed until further notice.

Before the hearing at the Franklin County Court House dozens of Lucky Leaf supporters turned out to show their support for the business.

All of them saying they wish the Pasco city council will re-consider the ban on recreational marijuana businesses.

Retail recreational marijuana advocate Jebidiah Haney said bans like the one in Pasco are hurting small business owners across Washington state.

“We have individuals taking risks in order to help drive revenues to already defaulted budget so while we have people taking these risks in an unstable business environment, we have local ordinances that are stifling their success for no founded reasons,” said Haney. 

The Pasco city attorney and the attorneys for Lucky Leaf will be back in court next week to present findings to the judge.

The group of Lucky Leaf supports plans on attending the Paco city council meeting tonight at 7 o’clock.

Source: Lucky Leaf Forced To Remain Closed